1. tinycartridge:

    Bravely Default x Smash Bros. ⊟

    That Dark Knight Samus is ridic. Arthur will be bringing this — basically a bunch of Nintendo characters with Bravely Default jobs (plus Kirby as a Moogle) — as a print for sale at Anime Expo next week. Check out more his work on his Tumblr!

    BUY Bravely Default, upcoming games

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  2. niaamakura:

    Karma (violin quartet) by MIZ

    omigosh such reminiscence ;;_;;  please visit and mylist the original video :D

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  3. ikb190:

    I made myself a mini aster FOR REASONS


    and then I put too much thoughts into his ahoge

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    Original Video: How to Make Rainbow Cheesecake

    Reblogging for future reference.

    I made a rainbow cake for my first college party. I covered it in black frosting and dusted it with white sprinkles so it would be very dramatic when it was cut into. The cake was thrown onto a table with a bunch of other desserts and kind of forgotten about; the host had taken it from me with a look of ‘I can’t believe this idiot freshman made a fucking black cake.’

    Cue two hours later when someone cut into it and screamed, “JESUS FUCKING CHRIST, COME AND SEE THIS CAKE.”

    After that, I had more friends than I knew what to do with.

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  7. dulcetworthyhost:

    I have NEVER laughed this hard in my fucking LIFE.

    The person who made this video is a GENIUS.

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    i’ve been laughing about this all day

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    it’s finally here

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  10. "

    Five minutes on my news feed brings up multiple conversations about the recent misogynistic hate crime here in the U.S. Almost every one of those conversations gets derailed by comments like:

    "I’m just playing devil’s advocate, but…"
    “One man did this, not MEN. You can’t lump all of us together…”
    “Because of the actions of one man, I am told to sit down, shut up, and solve this problem…”
    “The issue of inequality in our society is discrimination against men which is unacknowledged…”

    A man went on a killing spree to punish women for daring to refuse to let him screw them. Countless women are speaking out about their own experiences of being threatened, harassed, stalked, intimidated, and assaulted by men for the “crime” of saying no. And you as a guy want to make the conversation about your hurt feelings?

    First off, before you start up with your “not all men!” crap, please pay attention to the fact that pretty much nobody is saying “all men” in the first place. And second, the fact that you’re more worried about your hurt feelings than you are about the very real epidemic of physical and emotional violence committed by men against women? That the murder of women is less important than your bruised ego?



  11. "Maturing is realizing how many things don’t require your comment."
    — Rachel Wolchin (via lucifelle)

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  13. sleepingwiththekings:




    im so fucked up over the fact that some countries have free college

    and free healthcare 

    Kinda like their government acknowledges that those are rights not privileges

    I’m happy I live in one of those countries

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  14. lightsintheskye:

    If something like this doesn’t happen in Hyrule Warriors I will be so upset.